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Find Your Appetite In Morocco

Jun 30th, 2013 by WanderingDawn | 0

When I (WD) learned of Expedia/NFFTY’s “Find Your____” campaign for travel bloggers, I excitedly told WS about it. Come on and brainstorm with me, I asked him. What would we hope to find? His answer was easy, no brainstorming necessary: “Find Your Appetite”.

If you are a long term reader, this will come as no surprise to you. WS likes to eat. No, WS loves to eat. He plans our trips on what food he can try wherever we are going. Our entire trip to Istanbul was planned around a foodie blog he found. He takes photos of his meals. Yes, “Find Your Appetite” was perfect for WS. Not so much for me. Sure I like to eat and try new foods, but I am not food obsessed like WS. If we were going to enter this contest there had to be a compromise. And after 40 countries, we have gotten very good at that, and compromise we did.

The contest asked where you would “Find Yours”. That answer was easy for us – Morocco. We picked a place we had never been. Now, the question was, what would you FIND there? And here was our compromise in action: we would Find Our Appetite for History, Adventure, and Romance in Morocco, sampling local cuisine all along the way.


Tangier, on the tip of Africa, has had multiple cultural influences throughout its existence. At different times it has been occupied or ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Portuguese, the English, the French, and the Spanish. This makes for some amazing architectural sites in one city. We would wander thru the streets soaking this in, visiting the old medina, Dar el Makhzem, and the Kasbah. For a little more overview, we would visit the Tangier American Legation Museum. And how to end this amazing day of wandering in Tangier? After WS scored some tajine to eat, we would visit Café Hafa. This café has been open since 1921 and has had many famous visitors in its history. Looking out over the Bay of Tangiers, drinking local mint tea, would make our historical day of exploration in Tangier complete.



Waking up at dawn in Marrakesh, what says adventure more than a hot air balloon ride over the desert? We would listen to the swish of the balloon, the only noise breaking the silence over the waking city and desert.


What a great way to get an overview of the land before hitting the ground running–or riding. As in a camel ride through the palm groves, our next adventure of the day. Or would it be a quad ride in the desert? We would laugh as we bounced around, on camels or quads or both, having enjoyed some adventurous activities we had never done together.

After a day of new experiences, it would be time to wander around Jemaa el Fnaa. More adventure would await us there in the form of snake charmers, belly dancers, and colorful stalls of exotic spices and potions. No trip to the market would be complete without WS eating his way from one food stall to another, indulging in kebabs and sfenj. The day would end with him eating his way back to our hotel, ready to rest after all the new adventures we had in Marrakesh.


There is not another city in Morocco that says romance like Casablanca. We would find ours by first strolling hand in hand to the Casablanca Cathedral, La Corniche, and the town square. We would avoid the heat of the day by taking in a romantic movie at the Rialto Cinema. And how would we end our day of romance in Casablanca? A visit to Benis Patisserie to indulge in pastillas or corres de gazelle, recapping our romantic day together.

This would be a perfect end to an amazing trip to Morocco. I think we would have definitely Found Our Appetite in Morocco, don’t you think?

Thank you Expedia for making us dream about how to Find Our Appetite.

How would you find yours?

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