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Same Same But Different

Oct 24th, 2008 by WanderingDawn | 7

So what does the title of this post mean?  This is a saying in Thailand that I want to single handedly bring to the US.

In Thailand, things are often repeated twice.  “Yeah Yeah”, “No No”, “Same Same”.  In Thai language, for example, if you want to say in a Thai massage to go easy or be soft, you say “Bow Bow”.

So what does the phrase mean?  In order for me to guarantee that it will be easy to use in the US, I will give you some examples.

For instance, Jeanine and I each have black flip flops.  But mine have flowers on the base, and hers has stripes.  Same same, but different.

If I order Pad Thai with tofu, and WS orders his with chicken, the Pad Thai is same same but different.

If there are two gold Buddahs for sale, and one has his hand in a gesture, and the other is in prayer, the Buddahs are same same but different.

Get it?  Pretty cool saying, huh?  Now think of your own example, then after you do, say “X” is same same but different.  Repeat this until the saying flows off your tongue.  Then start to say it in front of your friends and family.  Explain to them what it means when they look at you like you have lost your mind.

By the time we return to the states I expect this phrase to have caught on.  Please help me spread the word.

same same

7 Comments on “Same Same But Different”

  1. Cris said:

    hahahah awesome… it’s the same in Indonesia… and Singapore… and Malaysia… and China…
    same same …… but different! :)

  2. Brian said:

    Your blog is boring and stupid. Our blog is entertaining and awesome. Same same but different.

  3. WanderingSean said:

    You claim to be “Green” and should drive a hybrid, yet you drive an SUV–same same but stupid.

  4. Mike said:

    I also wander why it hasn’t caught on anywhere outside of Thailand.

  5. Nomadic Matt said:

    sorry to burst the bubble but it actually means knock off!! that’s what it originally was used for!

  6. WanderingDawn said:

    Nomadic Matt, I stand corrected. But I have not bought anything knock off and have still gotten the phrase in description for veggies at our cooking class, pad thai, rooms in a hotel, etc. ??? But your description of the original use makes sense…they have strayed, oh they have strayed. We can now use this in its original form as well “My Louie Vuitton bag I bought on Canal Street in NY is same same but different”.

  7. Nina said:

    I used it today, at Liberty. I was talking about something and comparing it something else. In the end I thought saying same same but different really wrapped up what I was talking about, so I said it.
    There, the saying is about to explode in AZ.

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