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Now what!?

May 19th, 2009 by WanderingDawn | 9

After arriving back to the states, we did a fare bit of visiting.  We went to NY for a week, we went to Arizona for two weeks.  Okay, a little more for me at three weeks.  Then we returned home:  Home Home.

WS beat me home, and tried to convey the weirdness.  A week later, I experienced it for myself.  Everything I needed to make a meal was right in my kitchen.  My tap provided potable water.  If what I needed was not in my kitchen, I got in the car and got it.  I had a closet full of clothes, and when they were dirty , I washed them in my washing machine.   I called friends on my cell phone, and visited friends for the first time in a long time.  I met babies that were not born when I left, and kids who no longer remember me.

Then I started to process my surroundings more.  I realized just how many clothes I had.  And stuff.  Stuff everyhwere.  After living out of a backpack for 18 months, the amount of stuff in our home was overwhelming.  We began to purge like mad.  Donations made, items distributed, trash recycled.  Check. Check. Check.  The stuff had to go, for us to start fresh again.  A simplier house made us relax more, and feel more in tune from where we were before to where we are now.

So now what?  At the time, the travel bug has calmed.  I don’t think it is gone by any means, in fact, I almost feel like a trip like this makes it worse.  I saw 26 countries, but there are so many places I have not seen.  Facebook says I saw 11% of the world.  Didn’t I see more?!  Well then, I gotta fix that!  I am missing a continent!  I am missing one of the Wonders of the World!  China!  Russia!  Eastern Europe!  Ahhh!!!

But for now, we are going to go local.  Next week we are flying back to New York for WS’s sister’s wedding.  Then we are going on a road trip.  Not long, nothing special, but a bit of a last hurrah before we begin looking for jobs and really settle in from this wandering adventure.

We’ll see how long that lasts.


Check out our photos from the trip here so you do not have to sit through our slide show.

9 Comments on “Now what!?”

  1. Warren Talbot said:

    Thank you for the keeping the blog going and providing insights into life after the big adventure. My wife and I are in the process of getting rid of everything we own to embark on our own journey next year and your blog has been extremely helpful in so many aspects.

    One of the biggest questions we keep asking ourselves is “are we going to regret getting rid of our possessions, car, house, etc when we get back”. Based on your postings you have helped alleviate a lot of those concerns and re-energized us to double our efforts on Craigslist.

    In addition, it is hard to plan a trip like this without occasionally thinking about life after. Please keep posting your experience as this allows us to learn from you and it is cathartic to know that life begins anew “on the other side”. We look forward to continuing to read about your adventures as you settle back into life in the US, or wherever your path take you. We are huge fans.

    Warren & Betsy

  2. Brian said:

    What do you mean “Now what?” How about, get a job, slackers.

  3. Dawn said:

    Yo bro, read the post, it says in the last paragraph we are going to look for jobs. Or move to Arizona and mooch off of my brother. Maybe that part got deleted by mistake.

  4. nomadicmatt said:

    i also purged. its amazing how much stuff we have but never realize we have ya know

    and i agree with ur brother- get a slacker!

  5. Dawn said:


    We may now mooch off of you. Look out!!

  6. Sonya said:

    You perfectly captured that restless transitional period after long travels. If you’ve been living in another language, it’s even more challenging!

  7. GeraldN said:

    So, what now… keep your interested readers posted… could you both adjust back to working like before…? would be nice to get a 30 day update…

    hope you are doing fine and see you one day again – that is for sure :)

  8. Stacey said:

    Your blog is fascinating, and I love the way the lists get worked into your entries. This particular list–the trip in numbers–is so wonderful and really offers a lot of cool information on your lengthy journey.

    I appreciate hearing how it’s been upon your return and hope you’ll keep us posted. I’m only just beginning my journey on Tuesday (significantly shorter than yours at 9-12 months), but I already anticipate how strange it’ll be to return to my friends and family and the city I love after getting so accustomed to living simply and in a different manner altogether. I know I should focus on the here and now and not think about my return, but it was great reading of your reentry (for lack of a better word) into civilization as you once knew it.

  9. Paulina said:

    Wow!! you guys are super brave for giving up everything! I’m sure it was worth it.

    I can’t wait for December to begin, we are spending an entire month in Arizona, we found some great phoenix vacation home rentals. It’s our first time there with my whole family!

    Any good advice?

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