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Home With Hachi

Jul 6th, 2009 by WanderingDawn | 7

I have never owned a dog.  When I was young, my mom was totally against it.  I think she thought she would end up feeding it and walking it, and she was probably right.  WS always had a dog growing up, and it was part of our plan when we returned home-become  dog owners.

We do have a cat named Pewter.  Pewter was against the idea of a dog from the beginning.


But to Pewter’s credit, he is adapting to this bouncy hyper new little member of our home.

Portrait of Inky

The name Hachi came from a Japanese dog named Hachi-ko.  The “ko” is a term of respect, and as our little Hachi gets older and wiser, he will get the “ko”, too.

The Japanese story of Hachiko goes something like this: a professor owned an Akita named Hachi.  Every day he and Hachi would walk to the train station, and every evening Hachi would meet the professor after work at the station.  One day, the professor went to work as usual, but died of a stroke while at work.  Hachi went to meet the professor, but he never arrived.  Hachi got a new owner, but he continued to escape to meet the professor.  Commuters started to recognize the dog waiting, and would bring him treats and water to sustain him during his wait.  His story somehow made it into the papers, and Hachiko became a touching Japanese story to demonstrate family loyalty.  A statue was erected for Hachiko in 1934, and he was there for the unveiling.

During wartime, the statue was melted for war efforts.  Hachiko died in 1935.  The sculptor died.  But the story of family loyalty was not forgotten.  Years after the war in 1948, the original sculptor’s son was commissioned to redo Hachiko’s statue.  Iit still stands today outside Shibuya station in Tokyo.

Our friends in Bangkok told us about the story of Hachiko before we went back to Japan, and we were lucky enough to go see the statue dedicated to this loyal dog.


We wanted to give our new addition a name that meant something to us from our trip.  The story of Hachiko seemed to resonate with us, and when we met our little guy, the name stuck.


Little Hachi is grounding us back into this life, but allowing us to remember every time we call his name, of the trip that changed our lives. This little dog is changing our lives as well.

Same same, but different.

7 Comments on “Home With Hachi”

  1. Nomada23 said:

    Love this story and the post as well! Good luck with young Hachi!

  2. Lesléa Newman said:

    Your Hachi is so cute! I wanted to let you know that a movie, called Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale will be opening this fall. Also, my book, HACHIKO WAITS, a historical novel for dog lovers of all ages was published several years ago and just came out in paperback. I hope your Hachi is as faithful and devoted as the Hachi of old!
    Lesléa Newman

  3. Cindi said:

    I love that your dogs name has to do with your travels. He’s SO cute! We had a dog before our travels and I cannot wait to get another one. Hope you guys are adjusting at home – sucks doesn’t it? ;-)

  4. 2leftfeet said:

    Cute pup!! Admit it — it was Sean who wanted that cute little fluffball; you wanted a Rotie or a pitbull:) Congrats. Love the name BTW.—Denise

  5. Ishrath said:

    Your blog name is cool.
    Way to Go… Keep wandering.. for destination is the journey itself.

  6. Groves said:

    I operate with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a firm believer in nurture and instruction. I’ve met Jack Russell Terriers that I would not go near once again, but have for no reason had a negative practical knowledge with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are speaking about their owners- well, which is a different story. People are animals as nicely, and we tend to every have our very own strategies about “moral concepts”.

  7. sharon said:

    i never cried so much watching the movie, i’ll never forget how a dog could love his owner forever till he died

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