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We Are Back, Baby!

Mar 10th, 2012 by WanderingDawn | 5

After a long long hiatus, our blog is back up and running!  We have moved to a different server, gotten our photos linked from flickr, and are ready to start posting again.  But the big question has been, what to post?  Do you want to hear about how we did our planning?  How we saved our money?  Our road stress?  Our re-entry?  What life has been like in the past few years?  Are we old news?

I think we will let you decide.

We are on facebook under Wandering Why, and are ready to field questions about long term travel.  I wanted to do live video chats, but Wandering Sean voted it down.  So, we will use the blog and facebook to reconnect.


Where to?



5 Comments on “We Are Back, Baby!”

  1. GeraldN said:

    Congratulations…. the fever never dies…. let me know where you are off to this time… all the best…

    Gerald (who went back to get his kick out of working live – never thought it could beat traveling, but currently it does)…

  2. Dawn said:

    Hi Gerald!! So good to hear from you!! Saw that you got married, congrats! Are you still in Barcelona? Our next trip in the planning stages is Budapest, Prague, and Amsterdam in the fall.

  3. Si said:

    Welcome back! Looking forward to reading your stories again.

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

  4. Viviana said:

    Your travel blog was one of the first I came across to and read when I first started to think of going on a RTW trip myself… From time to time I have come back and checked old entries of yours, to just see what you were doing in that particualrly country I was considering visiting, too…
    I am very glad to see you posting here again now! :) I’ll add you on FaceBook, if that’s ok with you, and perhaps we’ll meet on the road some day? ;)
    Happy travels!

  5. WanderingDawn said:

    Hi Viviana! Please definitely add us on facebook!! Thanks for the nice comments! Where are you from?? Maybe we will cross paths someday!

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