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Don’t Cry For Me (I’m In) Argentina

Apr 30th, 2008 by WanderingDawn | 4

Let me just start by saying this : I LOVE Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is called the Paris of South America, and it does not disappoint. To me, Buenos Aires is like a mellow New York City. There are shows, dinner theaters, cafes, shopping, crazy traffic, all like NYC but on a much lower scale. It is also like someone put New York City on sale. The currency here is not very strong, and even with our weak US dollar, things are extremely cheap.


When we arrived we had the idea to rent an apartment to save on hotel and food costs. We (or maybe more so I) wanted to put down roots for a while. It gets old eating out all the time, sharing a bathroom, and carrying the backpack everywhere. So we thought we will have a look at three apartments and decide on one. Well we fell in love with the first one and did not look back. We moved in the next day. We are staying in the Recoleta area, which they call the Park Avenue of BA. Knowing that never in this lifetime will we ever be able to afford to live on or even remotely near Park Avenue, we jumped at the chance. Recoleta is full of cafes, restaurants, shops, and old buildings. It is also home to the famous Recoleta Cemetery where you can find Evita’s final resting place. Interesting side note here, her crypt is boobytrapped with two trap doors in case someone tries to steal her again (she was missing for 17 years when political opponents hid her body in Spain).


Not far from where we are is the center of town where you find the famous Obelisk . BA has a great subway system that makes it so easy to get around. The trip to the center on the subway takes maybe 30 minutes from when we walk out the door. There are so many different neighborhoods with parks, gardens, and with their own character and charm that you could easily spend days just wandering.


I could have spent a month here, easily. Personally, WS and I think we could live here. The city is very easy to navigate, the people are friendly (even when I don’t understand them), and the food has been incredible. South America does not have a great variety in cuisine, and it is so nice to be able to have some variety. We have had Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and our first sushi meal in five months. Sean is in culinary heaven in BA. So much for renting an apartment to save on food costs!


The schedule of living has been a bit difficult to get used to. In BA, everyone stays out late. I mean late. Dinner is not until at least 9pm. Then drinks, then go out. I am used to bed at 10pm, not digesting a meal at 10pm. They dance all night and manage to get up on time for work. But between 1pm and 4pm most everything closes up for nap time. WS and I have not got this figured out yet, we stay up later and later, then just sleep in until 9am or 10am. Then we get started so late that by the time we hit the streets, it is actually siesta time.

So if I get denied entry into Brazil , don’t worry, I will happily stay in Buenos Aires, keep looking for Matt Lauer, and call it home a little longer.


4 Comments on “Don’t Cry For Me (I’m In) Argentina”

  1. Theresa_B said:

    The apartment idea sounds like a really good one. How did you go about finding an apartment? And what are the rental terms–by the day, week, month? I’m really excited about visiting Buenos Aires. It sounds fabulous.

  2. WanderingSean said:

    We found this place on Craigslist. Yes, you can rent by the day, week, month–the longer the cheaper of course.

    This city is fantastic–drop a note when you know the date you’ll be here and we can send you the contact information for the place we stayed at.

  3. WanderingWhy… » The kindness of strangers said:

    [...] I figured someone there could help me find a place to stay nearby before WD sounded the retreat to Buenos Aires. I was stressed from the long bus trip, the fact that WD did not want to be in Brazil, and the [...]

  4. theworldisgettingsmaller said:

    OK I GIVE UP: what is the name of that sushi place pictured? I’m in BA for January and am sooooooooooo going there.

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