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Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?

Apr 28th, 2008 by WanderingDawn | 2

Yesterday we spent the afternoon walking around the city, ending at the government house of Buenos Aires called the Casa Rosada. Yes, it is pink. In front of Casa Rosada in the square, there was a ton of electrical equipment, barracades and trailers. We thought there had been a concert Saturday night, and they were tearing down the setup.


Fast forward to this morning. It starts out as an ordinary morning….Sean lying in bed trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep while I check my email. I sent an email to our friend Dave who immediately writes back “I am watching the Today show and Matt Lauer is in Buenos Aires.” What! Now everything we saw yesterday makes sense. “Get up!” I yell at my sleeping beauty, “We are going to see Matt Lauer!”

My half asleep husband rolls out of bed, groggily questioning my sanity, and agrees to go only if he is supplied with coffee and medialunas (like croissants) after. I drag him out of the apartment before he can wake up to fully question this mission, we push our way onto the subway during morning rush hour, and away we speed to find Matt Lauer. “I know exactly where they are” I assure Sean as the subway doors practically crush us.

“Only 45 minutes until the Today show wraps up in the states!” I encourage poor Sean as we race through the morning commuters. We arrive at Casa Rosada within 30 minutes of the email from Dave. Crew everywhere, but where in the world was Matt Lauer?

We saw this, and this, but where was he?


We walked all around the square and saw that the crew was packing up. No!! Where was Matt?


I decided to ask one of the crew where he was. She said “you just missed him.” Devastating!! I gave her a few of our Wandering Why cards, told her we were traveling the world, too, and were sorry to miss the show. I asked her to please give the card to Mr.Lauer. Really! So we left the square and went to Ecuador to contemplate where in the world Matt Lauer was. The Sheraton maybe? After the coffee fully kicked in, Sean was able to question my sanity on this particular quest and requested a stop to the madness.


So after our medialunas and coffee, we have decided that we think Matt’s next stop is Australia. And if you are reading this Mr.Lauer, we love the Today show!!

2 Comments on “Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?”

  1. mike said:

    I never watch the Today Show, but for some reason my Tivo was on that channel already and I watch him reporting from Buenos Aires. Now I want to visit Argentina even more then before.

  2. WanderingWhy… » Memoirs of a Geisha said:

    [...] Then I saw a little handwritten note “Geisha Area”. Ahh….just like looking for Matt Lauer in Buenos Aires, it was time to look for a [...]

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