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I know.. Let’s pet the rabid animals!

May 14th, 2008 by WanderingSean | 1

As WD already explained, getting her visa for Brazil at the border of Iguazu Falls was no trouble. Thankful to have that over and done as soon as we arrived, we headed for the famed Iguazu Falls.

Our old travel friend Rick recommended Iguazu over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This was nice to hear since we may have to scratch Africa from our wandering hit-list. I had no idea what to expect at Iguazu really, which usually makes for the best outcome.

The park entrance reminded me of so many theme parks in Florida, with the full schedule of different ticket prices listed and the tour buses lined up outside. Rubbing shoulders with all the Japanese tourists and walking past the restaurants and gift shops really had me starting to think this was going to be a flop. I told Dawn to wait a minute while I scoped out the menu in one of the snack shops.

I was shocked to see they have yet to master the essence of American Capitalism whereby you pay through your nose to get into an arena or theme park, then must pay four to eight times the normal rate for a drink and something that resembles food. You will pay the extortion rate because it is forbidden to bring any of your own food or water. Why? Well… they have no way of verifying if what you are attempting to bring in is safe-err.. or something. Anyway, I was happy to see food was priced the same as anywhere else in the country. Sorry for the tangent.

Since food was cheap, and the tourists so blind, there was opportunity for some observations of great stupidity.


See the sign? These signs are everywhere and written in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Somehow the billboard garden eluded these folks:

DSC_5103 DSC_5096

Awww.. Que Lindo! How Cute!

Yup, they are sure are cute furry potentially rabid little guys. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals but I wouldn’t put food in front of my ugly mug and then my mug so close to a wild animal… I’d kind of like to keep traveling and not return home for rabies treatment.

The funny thing is there is a first aid station right on this square. I don’t mean to single out these folks since dumb tourists everywhere were feeding them. And yes, like the sign said, the cute little creatures were really aggressive. Unsuspecting people just sitting down to lunch were shocked when these cute animals clawed up their legs and stole the sandwiches right off their plates. It was quite entertaining to watch from INSIDE the cafe.

Oh, yes, the falls. The sheer size of the place makes Niagara Falls look about as exciting as a flushing toilet. But don’t get me wrong–Niagara is beautiful too and flushing toilets really are exciting after 6 months of travel. There are no words to describe Iguazu Falls. Breathtaking, powerful, awe-inspiring… all sound weak. Rather than waste your time trying to explain, some pictures and video here should do the talking. Enjoy.


One Comment on “I know.. Let’s pet the rabid animals!”

  1. bag164 said:

    Dude, Iguazu Falls is so lame. Havasu Falls is the place to be. Sorry to break it to you.

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