Atacama Area, Chile

Wandering Why

Chilly Tatio Geysers, Chile

Wandering Why

Colca Canyon Area, Peru

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Quito, Ecuador

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Laguna De Apoyo, Nicaragua

Wandering Why

Valley de la Luna, Chile

Wandering Why

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you going? We don’t know. Isn’t that great? Our rough plan is to travel down through Central and South America, over to South Africa, up to Egypt, over to India, Nepal, China. South East Asia, Indonesia, and finish in Australia. We are sure this may change as we wander along.

How long will you be gone? Again, we don’t know. We do hope to travel for at least one year.

Why are you doing this? To push ourselves beyond our everyday comfort zones. The normal life plan seems a bit unfair with waiting for retirement to take this trip. Is there a guarantee of good health at retirement? Or even if we will live that long? Yes, it is very scary to leave our comfortable working lives–but more so to pass up this opportunity. The time is now, and if we can do another trip like this when we retire that would be fantastic as well. We hope this will be life changing as well as the “trip of a lifetime.”

How can you afford a trip like this? We are filthy stinking rich!–not! Seriously though, travel is just a matter of priority. Most of us are under the impression that distant or long term travel is very expensive. There are many people that have traveled through Asia for a year or more for the price of a long cruise. Some of it depends on where you travel… Europe is wonderful but not within our reach due to cost. Also, there is a huge difference between vacation and travel and we are not on vacation. Long term travel will be very hard at times–but always very rewarding.

What about your home? We are fortunate enough to have Sean’s #1 Mom to house and cat sit. She is sitting in the captain’s chair at mission control back in the wonderful USA. Thanks Mom!

What do you pack to prepare for a trip like this? Too much!! and we know better. See our packing list for the details. It will be interesting to see how much our packs shrink down as we are forced to lug our stuff from place to place. The old travel saying goes: “Pack everything you need–then unpack and take half the stuff and twice the money.” Too bad money is harder to come by than stuff.

How will you get from place to place? Horse, donkey, camel… Local transport is where all the fun is. We plan on going overland as much as possible to save money and experience more.

Is it safe? No. Then again neither are drugs, drinking, being overweight, driving without a seat belt, fast food, or a sedentary lifestyle–and most of us are guilty of one of these things. We don’t plan on a guided tour of Iraq at the moment so using the little common sense we do have, we hope to be alright.

What if you get sick? Not if, but when.  We are carrying a small pharamacy of meds with us to combat just about every possibility.  That being said, we fully expect to get sick at some point (even if we were at home for a year) and will take it easy when it happens.  Hopefully we will not encounter anything that could end this adventure before we are ready (malaria is probably the greatest danger since there is no vaccine and several different strains).  We had shots for everything serious before we left.

What will you miss the most?  For Sean: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu–hands down.  I’ll miss training and teaching especially.  Of course I’ll miss family and friends as well.  For Dawn: Girl time, Yoga, and the kitty.

Do they speak English where you are going? No. But we try not to let the language barrier stop us from experiencing these places. A smile, a laugh, and some charades will take you quite a ways.